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The new generation of email SAAS products gives businesses of all sizes a way to create highly sophisticated email sequences based on behavioral triggers and customer milestones and much more. E-commerce businesses without advanced email flows and segmentation are leaving sales on the table and are missing out on key communication opportunities that turn casual browsers into lifelong customers.

Slide in and initiate an effective one to one conversation with your customers

With our engaging words and attractive giveaways, we help you to initiate an approaching conversation with your existing customers and with those who show interest in your product. Our primary focus is laid upon your productivity, and nothing is compared to knowing what your customer needs, so that, you can tailor a solution to fulfill their requirements. With a constant and spontaneous exchange of information and communication, we help you stay up-to-date and concentrate on your brand’s diversifying productivity.

How It Works


The List

Who is in your eco-system already and what have you done for them lately? We establish a benchmark before crafting a campaign. If you don't have an email list yet, we need to start by building one.


Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a piece of content that you offer your visitors in return for their email address. A good lead magnet will help you grow your list quickly and on autopilot. When working in concert with SEO and programmatic ads, this can be highly effective.



We help you segment your email profiles by key actions and behavioural triggers. With custom segments we can target each user effectively and with information that they find valuable.



A flow is a sequence of emails that is triggered by a specific action taken on your website. It can be a purchase, an add to cart or a newsletter sign-up. Effective flows put your email marketing on autopilot.



Campaigns are one-time email blasts that can be scheduled in advance and sent at a specific time and date in the receivers local time. Campaigns are very effective for running specials, announcing news and sharing time specific information to segments of your list.


Design & Copy

Your emails need to look and speak the part in order for your readers to open and take action on the emails that they are sent. We'll help you deliver an email experience that breaks through the noice spam and junk.

Convert the audience into customers with our E-Maail Marketing Services

We optimize your website performance with our correct market approach